Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Extreme cuteness at the dog park

When we got back from our trip we visited the dog park right off on Monday evening. There was the cutest 11 week old Sharpei there with our friend Ellie, the Pewter Poodle. Of course, I had forgotten my camera. Amanda, Ellie's owner said that the pup belonged to her niece, and she would be bringing him to the park on Monday evenings, a sort of puppy sitting arrangement.

We went up to the park this Monday, taking the camera along. Alas, no Sharpei, but there was equal cuteness. A bouncing ball of dandelion fluff turned out to be Rajah, a 12 week old Great Pyrenees.

Pyries are great dogs- I have a friend who has working Pyries who guard her flock of goats, and I have a another friend with Pyrie house dogs. Rajah is a house dog- in fact, she will be a college dog, living with some SU students.

Boodles and Rajah got along great- in fact, Boodles liked her much better than the human baby who just spent the past 2 weeks at our house. Probably because Elliott, the human baby, didn't get the whole play bow deal... And she took attention from Miss AD dog- (she has an Attention Deficit problem- there is never enough attention on her...)

Rajah and Boodles played,
and plotted.
Boodles egged Rajah on to tease some other dogs,
and Boodles dared Rajah to try the ultimate in scariness...
Attack on the Grumpy...