Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Death and Destruction

On Friday we bought the dogs a present. We thought they might like a soft squeaky toy. So we got them a three pack of those long dogs with the big smile that you see the Beneful dog carrying in the commercial. These were a small size, maybe 6 inches long. One was pink terrycloth, one was blue terry, and one was canvas with flowers. The canvas one had a funny smell, so we gave them the blue terry cloth. Juniper carried it away to the dog's room. Sunday, the pink one vanished into the room. By Monday evening, this is what we had:

And on Tuesday morning, this took place. It's looking bad for the last of the loofa clan.

But the dogs look happy! Notice the surgical precision with which Juniper has opened up the loofa dog's chest. (Look closely between her paws.) I believe she is planning open stuffing surgery. Perhaps a transplant. Her assistant appears to be a bit impaired.

And the eventual result, sad but inevitable:

As with their walking behavior, they differ in their toy-killing behavior. Juniper has a methodical, get-it-over-with, open-it-up-and-remove-all-the-guts approach, while Boodles is more vigorous. She prefers whipping it back and forth while holding it in her mouth. Breed characteristic or individual personality?

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