Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Games

We've had a lot of snow here- almost 4 feet in the past week. Juniper and Boodles have found it to be interesting. They both like the snow- in lesser quantity. Yesterday I found Boodles sitting on the back porch, the clip to her tie-out on her collar, but the cable broken. Had this happened any other day, she would have been off like a shot, chasing whatever good smell she could find. This day, she made it as far as the holly bush in the yard- about 10 feet- and then came back to the porch. The snow was just too deep to plow through. Boodles also has big snow-shoe feet- with lots of long fur between her toes. She collects snow in little balls in that long hair, and it is uncomfortable. The snow is a mixed bag for her.
Juniper, with that thick Akita double coat, likes the snow, as much as she likes anything about the out-of-doors. (She tends to be a bit of an inside girl.) When she is convinced to go out in the snow, though, she especially likes to plow through it with her nose, and then throw herself down and make snow dog angels.

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