Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jerry!

Jerry (on your left, with the black eye) celebrated his first birthday recently. He and Huck celebrated with hats- Terry, who lives with them, caught this picture of them partying.

I was telling someone the other day, going to the dog park with the dogs is like going to the park with kids- some of the dogs there are their friends- they like them and want to play with them. Some they don't like, others they are indifferent to. Huck and Jerry are definitely in the friend category. Since Jerry is a little younger, he mostly wants to play with other young dogs, who match his energy level.

early November, 2009

Juniper tends to be aloof, but Huck and Boodles get along famously.

And Huck does pass Juniper's rigorous test of acceptability...Boodles put in a good word for him.

Both Huck and Jerry are good natured guys.
June, 2009

But Jerry's boundless energy leaves even Bodie in the dust sometimes!

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