Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dog Walking Infidelity

Chuck and I were unfaithful to Boodles and Juniper today. And the horrible thing is, we will repeat that adultery tomorrow. Yes, it's true. Our shameful secret-We walked another couple's dogs.

Some friends of ours have a new baby, who had open heart surgery on Monday. The baby is doing well, came through surgery with flying colors, but there are still logistical matters to be worked out. Chuck and I volunteered to walk the dogs while the family was in the hospital, to take that concern off their minds. I remember when I was in the hospital having my first son, I worried about the dog I had taken to the vet that afternoon, just before going into labor- it is strange the things the mind seizes on to worry about.

We had met Chessi before, but had not met Ruf. I had seen pictures of him as a puppy, but nothing since. When we went over on Sunday to acquaint ourselves with the walking routine, we were amazed to see how much he looked like Boodles.

There are differences- Ruf is bigger, and much heavier- thicker bodied. His head and face are different- no pseudo-St. Bernard here. Rufus is redder. But the feet, the feathers, the tail with the black bar and the white tip, even the bad toupee appearance on his back looks a little like Boodles. He will be 3 in April, and we think Boodles is just over 2, so they aren't littermates. It is remotely possible that they are siblings, but very remote- Boodles was found in the next county over. Rufus came from the local shelter.

Chessi shares some similarities to Juniper, beyond her coloring. Notice she walks as far from Chuck as she can get!

Boodles and Juniper forgave us our transgressions. Perhaps tomorrow we will take Boodles along for the walk. I don't know about Juniper- our friend tells us that Chessi doesn't like other dogs. We'll see.

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  1. Thank you again for "cheating" with our dogs. And how great to get a full report - complete with photos. I hope they behaved for you.