Thursday, March 26, 2009

Juniper loves her rawhide

Juniper is a bit of an odd duck, er, dog. She is a very serious dog, with a serious job. Part of her job is to make sure no one has too much fun. She has little sense of humor and a strong sense of what's right and wrong (in her opinion.) After two + years, she is still greatly concerned about Chuck's behavior. She tries to keep me between her and Chuck, and when that is not possible, abases herself in front of him as before her god.

But there are signs that she is loosening up- She has started to play at the dog park, especially if there are puppies. If Chuck has food, she approaches him with enthusiasm. Even if he has no food, she will creep up to him and give him a little lick on his outstretched hand if he asks for a kiss. She will shake hands with him- that's a trip to watch- she sits as far away from him as possible, turns her head away from him and then extends her paw.

But she LOVES her rawhide. She loves her rawhide with all of her heart, and with an abandon that exceeds all belief.

Chuck will give each dog a rawhide- the kind with a knot on either end to look like a bone. Boodles will set to, and gnaws hers up without pausing. Juniper, however saves hers. She hides it until Boodles has finished hers, and then she brings it out. She tosses it in the air and catches it. She throws it down and rolls on it in a torrent of ecstasy. She carries it with her every where she goes, although she won't take it outside, and she flaunts it in Boodles' face. And she rests with it between her paws.

If it's just me at home with them, Juniper's rawhide is pretty safe from predation. Boodles waits until Chuck is around, and Juniper's attention is divided, and then steals it. She quickly retreats to safe space, under Chuck's desk, where she chews it up.

The Dog Age tip of the week has to do with Giardia, a waterborne parasite that can infect your dog if he or she drinks from puddles or other water sources that are infected.

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