Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day at the Dog Spa

In preparation for a trip to visit family, Boodles and Juniper spent the day at a Doggie Spa. They got mani/pedi's ( or would that be pedi/pedis?) and baths. Juniper got a special Furminator treatment to pull out all of last year's out-of-style undercoat, and I think she might have gotten a Brazilian Wax...

Boodles, however, went for the Doggie Makeover Package. Short, stylish and cool for the summer. Take a look at the Before and After pictures below.
Boodles before the makeover.

Boodles after the makeover.

It was astonishing to me- I took a collie into the groomer, and got back a St. Bernard!

Ryan, at PetSmart in Chambersburg did a terrific job on both of them.

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