Monday, June 8, 2009

Furry Funday

Sunday was Furry Funday here in Shippensburg. An annual fundraiser for the local shelters, Furry Funday is always the first Sunday in June. Activities, contests, displays and vendors all gather at the township park.

We took the girls, stopping off to play at the dogpark first. We paid our $5.00, and made the circuit of the various tents arranged around the stage. The first group we ran into was the Cumberland Valley Shelter, where we got Juniper. She said hello to some of the people who took care of her, and they told her how good she looked. We stopped for a minute at the 4H Guide Dog display. An agility course was set up near one end of the park, and we took both dogs out to see if they were agile. Take a look at the lengths Boodles went to to avoid the obstacles.

Juniper was a lot more direct- when asked to go through the tunnel, she simply ran to the fence and crawled through to be with me.

In our stroll through the vendors, we got a nail trim for each dog for a $5 donation to the shelters, bought a Sporn halter system to see if we can stop Boodles from pulling. We also bought a dog water bottle. This is just a regular bottle with a trough attached that flips down for them to drink from. We went for a 2 mile hike recently, and they got pretty thirsty before we returned. I am tempted to make them carry the bottle themselves.

Lots of other dogs were in attendance as well. We saw many of our dog park friends, large and small. Look at this Bernese Mountain Dog pup- I really wanted to put my hands on it. The Mason-Dixon BMD rescue group was there as well. In fact, there were a lot of breed specific rescue groups represented. I had no idea there were so many around here.

Before and after the Furry Funday events we played at the dog park- more about that later-


  1. We had hoped to go, but didn't make it. Looks like you had fun!

  2. I remembered later that you all were planning on taking the Big R and going. It was a pleasant day, although the fun in the dog park was the best. When are we going to make a play date?